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      Alecander wilson

      Claims he is from Dublin. OH. His wife died of cancer when his son was 3, contrac company from Ceveron oil in the North Sea, his son was in an accident, due to hid nanny husband had 50% survival, his…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:8 minutes ago 1 Related Reports
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      I only requested the sample Derma/Divine eye cream and face cream. Not only was I charged for sample creams for eyes and face, which was 4.99 also 4.95 and 1.99 which I did realize I would be charged…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:39 minutes ago 3 Related Reports
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      I ordered Viagra. The seller emailed me the next day, saying they could not process my transaction - "please contact your bank." I did so, authorizing the overseas transaction for ONE day, but I never…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:47 minutes ago 3 Related Reports
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      quickpc resolve

      Like the other user, they tried to scam me out of what they said was $350 to fix made up issues. Claimed to be certified apple technicians and that my apple ID had been compromised. Took control of my…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:1 hour ago 2 Related Reports
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      I ordered a specific pair of shoes from the on line store in a size 11. I received a completely different pair of shoes in size 6.5 and have been trying to get these people to refund me ever since.…

      Anonymous Elaine Posted:1 hour ago 3 Related Reports
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      ashely swinton

      Says she's a private lender. Will do the bank transfer with no fees. Then she demands I buy $150 in iTune gift cards. I ask for her ID after providing mine she told me to f-off. Class act. Stay aw…

      Anonymous Paul Posted:2 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Rocky Mountain saunas

      This company stole my design and idea for the infrared saunas. They came to me and learned the business and I trusted Mike Henson with his savey used car salesmen tricks. Be very careful with this co…

      Anonymous Fred Posted:2 hours ago 1 Related Reports

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